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solarEdge solar panel power optimizers

Increase the efficiency of your solar PV panels

Turn your solar panels into smart modules, and optimize the output of your existing solar panel system

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SolarEdge Smart Solar PV Panels

Connecting SolarEdge power optimises to your existing solar panel system makes them ‘Smart Modules’. They produce more power and increase their efficiency.

Advantages of using SolarEdge

  • Create up to 25% better output from each solar panel module
  • Fit more solar panels on your roof, giving you a better return
  • More reliable current inverter
  • Innovative monitoring platform that allows you to see your system’s performance
  • Backed by manufacturer warranty for up to 25 years (Plus an ecoames installer lifetime guarantee)

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Greater Output

Compared to a standard solar PV panel system, an optimised SolarEdge system can be 25% more efficient at creating power for your home.

In a traditional solar power system, if one module is covered by cloud, the whole system becomes less efficient. However with a SolarEdge system even if one module is covered, all the other modules maintain their power output. This greatly improves overall power output and power losses are eliminated.

They also create a way to use more layout configurations of solar panels on your roof. This allows you to fit more panels in the same space and gives you greater power output.

Improved Safety

In case of emergency, the power optimisers shut down each module individually. This cuts off the voltage from the system automatically.

The safety of maintenance professionals, firefighters and installers is automatically protected.

Performance Monitoring

The SolarEdge monitoring platform allows you to see real-time performance data for each module individually. You can see it wherever you are through the mobile app.

If any system issues arise, this monitoring platform will automatically inform you of them, allowing you to fix them quickly.

Protected by system lifetime warranty

SolarEdge optimisers are guaranteed for 25 years as standard. The inverters come with a standard 12 year warranty, which can be extended to 25 years if required.

On top of that, if you choose ecoames to install your SolarEdge system, we offer a lifetime guarantee on SolarEdge products!

The monitoring system is free to use for 25 years too.

Why install SolarEdge with ecoames?

At ecoames, we guide our customers through every step of the installation process. Right from the start, we explain how the installation works, how much it will cost and how long it will take.

We also take the time to make sure you know how to operate your system and how to access your SolarEdge monitoring portal.

Improve your solar panel system efficiency by 25%.

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