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Solar PV Panels

Solar panels use energy from the sun to generate electricity. Each solar PV panel is actually made up of many smaller parts, called photo-voltaic cells. Photo-voltaic just means that they create electricity from sunlight.

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What are the advantages of solar PV panels?

  • Create electricity purely from the power of the sun
  • Get paid for extra energy you create by the government
  • The more renewable energy is used, the less is needed to be created through burning fossil fuels. This helps cut down on greenhouse gases and preserve the environment.
  • No hassle installation and maintenance from ecoames
  • Keep on top of how much energy your solar panels are creating and how efficient they are, using new technology

Solar PV panels, once installed, basically provide your household with free electricity. They convert the power of the sun into electricity for your home or business.

Plus if you generate enough, the government will pay you for each extra KWh you produce and feed back into the national grid.

The environmental benefits of solar panels are also great. Using solar power means no fossil fuels are burned to create the energy you use. This reduces greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and you do your bit to help save our planet.

Solar PV panel installation from ecoames

ecoames have extensive experience in creating renewable energy solutions for our customers. Throughout our chats with you, we make sure you always understand exactly what you are getting for your money.

Plus, we ensure we only ever offer services that benefit you and the environment. We don’t try to sell anything you don’t need.

Professional installation that works for you

Our team of professional solar PV panel installers make sure your panels are fitted with as little interruption to your life as possible.

The installation time can depend on the accessibility of your roof and the size of your system. Most solar PV systems can be installed within a day, but if there are any changes to this we will be sure to let you know well in advance.

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