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Boiler Maintenance

Have peace of mind on your investment – ecoames offer a comprehensive boiler maintenance service to ensure your heating system is operating at maximum performance year after year, keeping it efficient and cost-effective.

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Why bother with boiler maintenance?

After installing a new boiler, we understand the last thing you want to do is spend more money to service it. However, this may be causing you to lose out on even more money in the long run. Having a reliable and efficient boiler is vital, especially in the winter. To ensure this, it needs to be regularly checked and maintained.

Professional boiler maintenance gives you a number of benefits:

  • Higher energy efficiency
  • Lower heating bills
  • Peace of mind over the safety of your boiler
  • A reliable heating system all year round

Improve your boiler efficiency

An inefficient boiler system can drastically increase your energy bill. This is especially important considering that your boiler system accounts for about 55% of your annual energy bill.

When carrying out boiler maintenance, your ecoames boiler expert will test all components inside the boiler and replace any that are not working at maximum efficiency. This leaves you with a fully functional and efficient heating system for another year, and heating bills that are as low as possible.

Guarantee the safety of your boiler

A faulty or poorly maintained boiler has the potential to create carbon monoxide gas. This is a very dangerous substance that can be fatal and is very hard to detect.

When we service your boiler, we check for any components that may be unsafe. This gives you the peace of mind that your health is not at risk due to a faulty boiler.

Not installed with ecoames?

Our maintenance service is not just available ecoames customers. We also help customers that have had gas or renewable technologies installed with another company.

With many installers going out of business, many home owners and companies are left without support for their system. If this has happened to you, call ecoames today. Our boiler maintenance packages give you peace of mind that your heating system is working to full capacity, even if it wasn’t installed by us.

Ecoames customers already benefit from a full two year guarantee when we install a new A-rated boiler, but after that we recommend an annual service.

If you require just a one-off, no contract maintenance visit with one of our qualified technicians, or you require a maintenance contract for full peace of mind, get in touch for more details and pricing.

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