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Energy performance certificate

Improve Your Energy Efficiency Rating

As we are becoming more and more energy conscious, it’s important to know as much as possible about your home’s energy efficiency. Get an energy performance certificate today


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Get an Energy Performance Certificate from Only £50

When trying to improve the energy efficiency of your home, the best place to start is to have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) carried out on your property. This certificate lets you know exactly how efficient your home currently is. The EPC will list statistics about the energy efficiency of your home, and offer recommendations on where you could make improvements.

As people become more and more energy conscious, it is important to know as much as possible about your home’s energy efficiency. It’s a great idea even if you’re not thinking of selling or renting to have an energy performance certificate for your property, so you truly know how efficient your property is and how you can increase your energy efficiency.

What is an energy performance certificate?

Energy Performance Certificates look similar to the EU Energy Labels you see on electrical appliances, such as fridges and washing machines. They rate your home’s energy efficiency performance.

EPCs carry ratings on energy use and carbon dioxide emissions. Two readings are given – one states the level of efficiency that your home is currently achieving, the other suggests what level of efficiency your home could be achieving if you were to put energy-efficient measures in place.

FACT – By law, all buildings that have been newly built, sold or rented out need Energy Performance Certificates.

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Tips to save money on your heating bill

Upgrade your current central heating system

More than half the money spent on fuel bills goes towards providing heating and hot water in a typical UK household. As fuel costs rise, having an efficient and cost effective heating system is vital. It’s one of the main steps you can take to reduce your carbon dioxide emissions and save money. Ecoames provide great solutions to improve your energy efficiency and reduce your energy costs.

The first step is understanding your current heating system. The most common heating system in UK households is central heating with a single boiler fuelled by fossil fuels. This heats up water that is then pumped to radiators around the house and either heats a cylinder of hot water, called a regular system, or a combination system where the water is heated on demand.

If you have a system like this, ecoames have plenty of energy saving options for you:

  • Replace your Boiler with a new, efficient A-rated condensing boiler
  • Fit better controls for your space and water heating
  • Switch to renewable technologies
  • Using chemical inhibitors/Filters
  • Fit a new hot water Cylinder
Do you have a condensing boiler?

Since 2005, virtually all gas boilers that have been fitted in the UK are more efficient. This is thanks to their bigger heat exchange system that recovers more heat from the flue, making them so much more efficient than older boilers. If your boiler was fitted before 2005, installing a new A-rated boiler can save between 20-30% a year on your heating bills!

Replacing your older boiler is a must in saving money. Contact Us today for more info on fitting a new boiler,

If you already have a condensing boiler, what controls do you have?

Keeping control of your heating is a must to improve its efficiency. The three most important heating controls are a timer or programmer, a room thermostat and thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs). Having the right heating controls will let you keep your home at a comfortable temperature, without wasting fuel or heat. You’ll reduce your carbon dioxide emissions and spend less on your heating bill. Installing a room thermostat and TRVs could save you up to £150 a year in a 3 bedroom house.

Whatever the age of your boiler, installing the right controls will let you set your heating and hot water to come on and off when you need them, heat just the areas of your home you want, and decide how warm you want each area to be. Contact us to speak to one of our trained advisers to discuss your heating needs.

Smart Controls

In the last few years, smart controls have been introduced that make your system even more efficient by giving you more control. Here are just some of the advantages of a smart controlled heating system:

  • Easier to adapt to schedule changes – wi-fi connected means they can be changed remotely
  • Bigger screens – no more squinting at a tiny LCD
  • Daylight savings is automatically updated
  • User friendly
  • Review your energy usage with in-depth statistics
  • Change the heating without getting up using the connected apps on your mobile phone
  • Pre-heat your home before you arrive!
  • SAVE MONEY! – Smart controls learn your heating habits and analyse your energy usage. This saves you money on those increasing energy bills
Chemical inhibitors

Using chemical inhibitors in central heating systems can maintain their efficiency and is very cost effective – helping to save money on heating bills and reduce your energy consumption.

Corrosion deposits build up in pipework and radiators, so it is important with all new boiler installations to have chemical inhibitors and filters installed.

In older central heating systems the build up can cause a substantial reduction in the effectiveness of boiler – up to 15%. If this is the case with your boiler, contact ecoames to arrange a time to flush your system of any corrosion and build up.