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With the high cost of energy that continues to increase year on year, many farms are under a lot of pressure to maintain profitability. At ecoames we can show you an attractive way to use renewable energy to reduce energy cost by around 50%.



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Renewable Energy in Your Agricultural Business Could Half Your Energy Costs

If you operate a farm, it’s likely that energy use is one of your biggest running costs. These costs – increased annually by the energy companies – may well be threatening your profit margins.

Up To Half Your Usual Energy Costs

You could potentially half your energy costs with solar thermal heating or Biomass energy! That reduction could seriously increase your profitability. With many suppliers campaigning for greener supply chains, using renewable energy sources will also enhance your green credentials. Therefore you’ll give your farm a better position when offering your services and products.

Installing and turning your heating source to solar thermal or Biomass could be very lucrative for your business due to the savings and income received from the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). Ecoames has the experience in giving the right renewable energy advice and installation for the agricultural market.

Why Ecoames?

Our experience and wide range of solar thermal/Biomass technologies can assist you in choosing the best renewable energy system. Plus, our support and maintenance will help you continue to be as energy efficient as possible..

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